"Aja and Kofi"
Photo ID: LTOJr 2850D200
Size: 12x18 inches on 17x22-inch Fiber-based Ultrachrome K3 Print.
Price: 175.00 USD.
Limited edition of signed and numbered prints.
Price increases as edition sells out.
Aja LTOJr 2853D200LTOJr 1332D70Untitled LTOJr  1919D200Untitled LTOJr 2247D70Carol LTOJr 3377D70Hortense LTOJr 2452D200Colin LTOJr 2455D200LTOJr 1407D200Stef LTOJr 517812D300LTOJr 736D200Risa LTOJr 3283D300DeFord Bailey, Jr. LTOJr  1599D70Freddie LTOJr 3319D300